Plantation Eye Center was purchased in 2010 by Dr. Steve T. Bussa and it has been our ongoing goal to make our practices the pinnacle of eye care in the south Florida area and offer the highest quality high-end frames and lens materials along with the best medical eye care. For 2 years Dr. Bussa worked closely with staff and patients to create an atmosphere of the highest caliber of eye care. Premier Eye Center was formed on January 1, 2013, by Dr. Steve Bussa and Dr. Alexandra Kehoe, both Florida board certified Optometric Physicians. In the same month, Plantation Eye Center merged with the 2 new purchased locations in Boca and West Palm, to form Premier Eye Center.

Now with 3 locations, 3 doctors, and several team members, our goal is to provide the highest level of eye care with the newest technology, latest lens designs, and premium quality of eyewear. We are not a discount practice, we offer better than the best and constantly strive to push our standards to the highest level.

Please stop by and see the difference and feel free to tour our facility before you make your decision on the care of your most important gift, YOUR VISION.

Come see OUR VISION!